Frequently Asked Questions?!

You may be wondering what Chabad is like and how to get involved. Here are some of the most popular questions we get.

Q: Does it cost to participate in Chabad activities?                                                                   

 A: All Chabad activities and services are 100% free for students unless otherwise stated. No student is ever turned away for inability to pay.

Q: I am reform/ conservative/ unaffiliated - can I join Chabad programs?                         

A: At Chabad, we live by our motto - "Where every Jew is Family". We do not distinguish between denominations or lack thereof. Every Jewish student is welcome with open arms and we do not ask your affiliation. 

Q: I am not fluent in Hebrew - are there classes/services in English?                                           

A: Yes! All of our services and classes are offered in Hebrew, English and even transliterated Hebrew, so don't worry about the language barrier!

Q: I would like to come for a Shabbat dinner, how do I RSVP?                                                 

A: Shabbat dinner is always on, every week of the semesters and always at 7 pm. (unless otherwise stated) You can message us to let us know if you are coming. But, if you come we will be waiting to greet you!