Come on over to Chabad of Brunswick where we bring Jewish life to life!  Join our family and celebrate the love, the beauty and the joy of Judaism. Our home is your address for everything Jewish.  


Are you a beginner looking to learn Hebrew or explore Judaism? Or maybe you'd like to find out what Judaism has to say about a specific topic? Do you want to try learning some Tanach, MishnaTalmud, Jewish law or Chassidic philosophy? Set up a Chavruta (one on one study) or join a study group!

Holiday Programs

From public menorahs on Chanukah to pre-Rosh Hashana Shofar factories to hand made Shmura Matzah for Pesach, we bring Chabad's unique style to Jewish holidays. Sign up here to find out what's coming up next. 

Need a Mezuzah?

We can help you purchase a mezuzah for your home and office and properly affix it to the door. Contact us for details or for help obtaining any other Judaica items.